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The Slave Coast for Negroes - A Reply_FE(1)

17 Jun 2024·News & Politics·39:43

The Renaissance
The Renaissance

The Slave Coast for Negroes - A Reply_FE(1)

The Slave Coast for Negroes - A Reply_FE(1)
This is the Full Edition of our response video to a comment we received from the previous video about the slave coast. The comment was from @danieljacobs2747 and says
You’re a very foolish person especially when you make commentaries about the Bible.
If DOS n IPOB didn’t sell MNK how did Britain n Fulani kidnap him?
This is about a Freedom Fighter by the name Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(MNK) who was kidnapped by the British slave masters and their Arab(Fulani) Slave hunting accomplices but recruited a “criminal serpent” similar to Dane Calloway named Simon Ekpa to be accusing his siblings in the Struggle of selling him to slave masters. Compare this false narrative with how Negroes could have sold themselves during the slave trade proper and connect the dots.
Please watch the video and look for the materials referenced and study them yourself.
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NA(1823) Case of the Vigilante with some reflections on that traffic
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Ellis, A. B. (1894). The Yoruba-speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa: Their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, Etc. With an Appendix Containing a Comparison of the Tshi, Gã, Ew̜e, and Yoruba Languages. Chapman and Hall.
Buxton, T. F. (1840). The African slave trade, and its remedy. J. Murray.


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