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Negro Slavery today A Reply _FE(1)

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The Renaissance
The Renaissance
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Negro Slavery today A Reply _FE(1)
This is the Full version of our Response video to a comment we got from one of the people who are helping the slave master deny his atrocities against the Negroes. A part of the comment suggested that the slave trade did not happen and the comment is as indicated below
“If this happened to your family, why would you have to learn it from strangers????? 200 missing girls and it's history already... but you have to be taught about MILLIONS of your people leaving and becoming slaves in America! Wake Up! #stopthelies”
While it may be easy to see that the comment lacks both context and research substance, it exposes the destination of the slave masters and his slave hunting partners. Please understand that while the effort is in place to exterminate the Negro Race, the foot soldiers duty is to talk the Negroes away from self Preservation. Please follow their activities in Biafra and Ambazonia to understand what may be going on.
Full video is available on Patreon and at Odysee.com, and crystalviews.net among others.
Please note that we did not restrict the full video to Patreon out of a desire to make money but because we observed that the descendants of the slave hunters flag our videos when the full videos are posted openly.
Full Videos can be found on odyssey.com and Crystalviews.net
For those that have supported us, we say thank you
You are welcome to support us at https://www.paypal.me/OurRenaissance https://bit.ly/2OxCtF8 or at https://www.patreon.com/OurRenaissance
For those that have supported us, we say thank you
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We do not hold the copyright to these videos but use them based on fair use.
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