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His Story vs My Story for Negroes-A Reply-FE(2)

His Story vs My Story for Negroes-A Reply-FE(2)
This is the Full Edition of our response video to a comment we received from our last video on how the Ethiopians became Negroes and Abyssinians became Ethiopians. We received a comment from some Indian and Native American wannabes through whom the slave master is making an effort to change the identity of the so-called African Americans to Indians or Aborigines. It is important to note that we got the comment from more than one individual this time although the individual VK NYC had been here more than a year ago saying the same thing despite seeing relevant sources from books written at that time..
Full video is available on Patreon.com and at Odysee.com, and crystalviews.net among others.
Please note that we did not restrict the full video to Patreon out of a desire to make money but because we observed that the descendants of the slave hunters flag our videos when the full videos are posted openly.
Full Videos can be found on odyssey.com and Crystalviews.net
For those that have supported us, we say thank you
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For those that have supported us, we say thank you
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