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White and Black Lies for Negroes_FE(1)

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The Renaissance
The Renaissance
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White and Black Lies for Negroes_FE(1)
This is the Full Edition of our video, White and Black Lies for Negroes(1). It is about the different types of lies that Negroes are fed with. It examines the games of the slave masters and slave hunters in what was Negroland today. It also touches of the recent killing of some slave hunters otherwise called Nigerian Army in the city of Aba and how it was staged similar to what they did in the Biafra genocide of 1967-1970 when the rugaruga disguised as Biafran soldiers to kill minorities and used the BBC to claim it was done by I.P.O.B.
Please watch the video and look for the materials referenced and study them yourself.
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