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The Most Dangerous Slaves for Negroes_FE(1)

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The Renaissance
The Renaissance
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The Most Dangerous Slaves for Negroes_FE(1)
This is the Full Edition of our recent video The Most Dangerous Slaves for Negroes_FE(1)
The video is about the technique of the slave master to divide the Negroes or slaves into two, and use one group(the house slaves) against the other group(the field slaves) The house slaves usually live with Massa in his house, be it basement or attic during the slave trade while the Field slaves laboured in the plantation. The slave master considered the houses slaves as more intelligent than the field slaves
Please bear in mind that the Governments in the slave coast today called Nigeria are mere house slaves and work for the interest of the slave master than the interest of their own people. So ideally the slave master uses the Governors, the judges etc against the field slaves who are the Masses as Malcolm X rightly pointed out.
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